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Aspire, St Bernard’s Gate offers light-filled living spaces of the highest quality, combining premium fittings and tactile finishes. Apartments are carefully designed to accommodate the needs of modern living.

PlotHouseBedsPrice FromFloorAvailability
101Haygarth House (SO)2£ 109,375*1st Available
107Haygarth House (SO)2£ 109,375*1st Available
108Haygarth House (SO)1£ 84,375*1st Available
109Haygarth House (SO)2£ 105,625*2nd Available
113Haygarth House (SO)2£ 105,625*2nd Available
114Haygarth House (SO)2£ 156,625*2nd Sold
120Haygarth House (SO)2£ 111,250*3rd Available
121Haygarth House (SO)1£ 120,750*4th Reserved
126Haygarth House (SO)2£ 111,875*4th Available
127Haygarth House (SO)1£ 121,625*5th Reserved
131Haygarth House (SO)1£ 121,625*5th Reserved
132Haygarth House (SO)2£162,750*5th Reserved
137Haygarth House (SO)1£ 86,250*6th Available
138Haygarth House (SO)2£ 113,125*6th Available
140Haygarth House (SO)2£ 177,625*7th Reserved
201Levett House (SO)2£ 152,250*Ground Reserved
206Levett House (SO)2£ 104,375*Ground Available
210Levett House2£463,5001st Available
216Levett House2£463,5001st Sold
218Levett House2£465,5002nd Sold
228Levett House2£470,5003rd Sold
236Levett House2£470,5003rd Available
240Levett House2£472,0004th Sold
241Levett House2£472,0004th Sold
243Levett House2£472,0004th Sold
246Levett House2£472,0004th Sold
248Levett House2£475,0005th Available
251Levett House2£475,0005th Sold
301Pemberton House (SO)1£121,625*Ground Reserved
302Pemberton House (SO)2£ 156,625*Ground Reserved
304Pemberton House (SO)2£ 104,375*Ground Available
312Pemberton House (SO)1£ 115,500*1st Available
313Pemberton House2£465,5001st Reserved
314Pemberton House2£465,5001st Reserved
318Pemberton House2£468,0002nd Available
319Pemberton House (SO)1£116.375*2nd Sold
322Pemberton House (SO)1£116.375*2nd Sold
324Pemberton House2£ 468,0002nd Available
327Pemberton House2£ 472,0003rd Available
328Pemberton House2£ 472,0003rd Available
334Pemberton House2£472,0003rd Available
337Pemberton House2£475,0004th Available
338Pemberton House2£475,5004th Available
340Pemberton House2£475,5004th Available
341Pemberton House2£475,5004th Available
344Pemberton House2£478,0004th Reserved
348Pemberton House2£480,5005th Sold
354Pemberton House2£480,5005th Sold
361Pemberton House2£515,0006th Sold
416Kinglake House (SO)1£79,375*1st Available
425Kinglake House (SO)2£ 79,375*2nd Available
440Kinglake House (SO)1£78,125*3rd Sold
455Kinglake House1£335,0004th Available
464Kinglake House2£335,0005th Available